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There are no exceptions to this requirement. 6. If there is even the slightest damage on the packaging, note the damage on the receipt you receive and sign from the delivery staff. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the only way we can file a damage claim for a refund from the freight company and/or a replacement if your safe or vault door is damaged.

Learn more: Gun Safe: Understanding Ratings and CertificationsWhat is an RSC (Residential Security Container)? An RSC rated container (gun cabinet) will resist forced opening for up to five minutes by an attacker using simple, non-powered hand tools. We’re talking screwdrivers, hammers (must be less than 3lbs), and pry bars (must be less than 18? long).

RSC containers are not rated against any attack by power tools of any kind, or any attack lasting longer than five minutes. This is security designed for 1850’s threat level. Today, a high powered battery operated grinder with a cutoff wheel can cut a “gun safe” (Residential Security Container) in half in less than 15 minutes.

A small portable plasma cutter will do the job in under 3 minutes. People assume that because it weighs 1000 lbs it must be secure. Fire RatingRSC Certified gun safes are not fireproof. Not at all. The only consistent, reliable and independent fire rating is the UL fireproof safe class rating.

The lowest rating is “Class 350 1-hour” The ratings go up to 4 hours (Class 350-4). Unfortunately, there are no RSC gun safes that meet this rating as the materials and construction required to offer this kind of protection are deemed too expensive by the gun safe industry.

The fire rating or “fire certified” sticker on the door of an RSC means very little as each gun safe (RSC) manufacturer creates their own standards and fire tests. If a safe does not have a UL class 350 fire rating then it is not a fire safe.

Mechanix Fastfit Gloves2. Magpul Technical GlovesMy main recommendation for affordable shooting gloves are Magpul Technical Gloves. I went with medium and they fit a lot more snugly one me… The Mechanix ones were just too loose and flared for my tastes. However…with the smaller cuff you’re going to have a lot harder time taking these off.

20 – Synthetic suede palm – Elastic wrist closure – Touch-screen enabledYou can see it fits a lot better and the cut of the thumb and index finger is much more conducive for shooting. There’s also extra material on three fingers that enables touch-screen access.

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How Safe Is Your Safe?

Any bowhunter who is targeting prey at distances over 20 yards needs an accurate gauge. Using the best hunting rangefinder for Bowhunting, which is specifically designed for the sport, will achieve this. Can I use a golf rangefinder for hunting? As long as you choose carefully, a single laser rangefinder can be used both on the golf course and for hunting.

Or how about our reviews of the Best 3 940 Scopes, our Best Mil Dot Scope reviews, our Best 45 70 Scopes review, and the Best Scope for Scar 17 you can buy. So, what is the Best Hunting Rangefinder? Hunters who underestimate the value of a quality rangefinder are far more at risk of under or overestimating the real distance of prey.

This, in turn, will very likely lead to a reduced number of kill shots. It is also important to emphasize the value of a best rangefinder for hunting in terms of ethical hunting. From our 12 reviews above, there should be a rangefinder to suit different types of hunters within acceptable budgets.

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder…

If you are a bowhunter, we would recommend the… Halo Optics XL600 Series 6X 600 YdHunting Laser Range Finder, Bottomlands Camo. It delivers what bowhunters require at a very acceptable price. As for keen rifle hunters, the… Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder… Our review was of the Ranger 1800 model.

It gives two options for measuring distance, is reliable, accurate, and can extend to reflective target distances of well over a mile. While it is stated that deer can be ranged up to 900 yards, we would put this at a more realistic 500 yards.

However, this is still more than sufficient for the majority of hunters. To top things off, you are buying into a lifetime warranty with customer service that more than backs up satisfaction. These were designed with LE professionals and shooting sports in mind with carbon-infused touchscreen capable synthetic leather which offers a remarkable fit along with being touch-screen friendly.

They’re not too heavily vented but breathe well and are appropriate for moderate to hot weather. Plus they keep themselves locked in place with the hook and loop wrist enclosures. In terms of protection, the gloves feature heat and cut resistance, with some reviews noting no heat transfer when testing these by putting a hand on the stove while wearing them (not recommended FWIW).

These are great all-around gloves that will work well as a primary shooting glove, backup set, or gift for a shooting buddy. Comparison tableOur Top ChoiceThe Celestron model is a product that is cherished by many buyers due to its ergonomic body, reduced footprint, and long life.

Its 25mm roof prism comes with a 10x magnification, and the optics are premium. Fog will never be a problem as it’s coated against it, and neither will water since it is waterproof. A drawback, according to some reviewers is the fact that it is mid-sized.

But for its class, it packs many impressive features. It’s a good product because it has a rubber armoring. To that equation add the top-notch optics, and it is easy to see that this is a premium object without an astronomical price-tag. 2 BUSATIA LED Illuminated Magnifier with 3X & 45X MagnificationAward: Honorable MentionWHY WE LIKE IT: A 2-in-1 combination 3X magnifier and 45X loupe that features built-in LED lights and comes with a pouch and screen cloth for the person on the move. – Premium optical grade lens – 3x LED lights built-in – Included bag & wipeWhen you’re traveling, you need gear that’s lightweight and goes where you need it to.

You may also like the best smart glasses. 3 RockDaMic LED Magnifying Glass 3X & 45XAward: Best BudgetWHY WE LIKE IT: A budget-friendly 2-in-1 3X magnifying glass and 45X loupe that’s LED powered with a small design that’s perfect for children to use. Best for kids – 3 LED lights built-in – Small design- Battery-poweredWhen you’re shopping for children, you’re not always willing to buy the most expensive option on the market.

So, we’ve selected the RockDaMic LED Magnifying Glass as our Best Budget choice. The modest MSRP combines with a small design that’s perfect for little hands to comfortably grasp. Like the Top Pick and Honorable Mention options, this model features a 3X primary magnifying lens with a built-in 45X loupe in the handle.

The battery-powered magnifying glass also comes standard with LED lights for easy use in darker spaces. Speaking of magnifying, read about the best microscope. 4 iMagniphy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass SetAward: Best for ReadingWHY WE LIKE IT: An easy to use LED magnifying glass with a compact design and two detachable lenses (5x & 10x) for quick changes to read smaller print.

5X & 10X lenses included – LED light – Compact design- Lacks loupe – Battery-poweredIf you struggle to read the fine print, then you know that the X factor is going to be one of the biggest features you need to prioritize when looking for a magnifying glass.

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